16 июля 2012 г.

Всем привет!

Вчера завершилась Larpwriter Summer School - потрясающая,  познавательная, креативная школа по созданию ларпов. По мере появления материалов Школы и их перевода они будут появляться здесь. Сегодня я бы хотела представить идею Mixing desk of Larp. В данном сообщение материал представлен на английском языке. 

The Mixing Desk of Larp

The Larpwriter Summer School is based on a framework for thinking about larp design we have decided to call "The Mixing Desk of Larp". Although we believe this approach to thinking about larp is new, we are certainly indebted to a lot of the larp community for the thoughts that it is based upon. Thanks to everyone who has helped develop this concept – the lecturers at the Larpwriter Summer School especially.

The Mixing Desk of Larp is a framework for organizing your thoughts about larp design. Look at it as a pedagogical tool more than a theory of larp design. We hope that the participants of the summer school, and others, will find it fruitful to organize their thoughts on larp organizing along some of these lines.

When you design a larp, there are plenty of parameters you can adjust. These parameters will obviously have impact on the larp you're designing. The main idea of the Mixing Desk of Larp is that being a larpwright or larp organizer is like being a technician controlling the lights or the sound of a concert or theatre performance. At his disposal, the technician has an array of faders, increasing or decreasing the amount of lights of different colors, the volume of specific sound frequencies or similar. All these faders can be adjusted up or down, adjusting the amount of whatever they're controlling and affecting the performance.
In the same way, a larp designer can adjust the faders of the Mixing Desk of Larp, changing the larp they’re designing. You can increase the level of transparency, add a pinch of metatechniques, change the responsibility for the character creation process or introduce abstract elements to enhance a special atmosphere in the larp. All these adjustments will have effects on the game you’re organizing, and adjusting these faders can help you reach your design goal for the larp.
The goal of the Mixing Desk of Larp is to provide a framework for organizing your thoughts about how the changes in these parameters will affect your larp, and what position of the faders are suitable for what larp. An important goal is also to recognize that there are “default positions” for these faders that will influence your larp, even if you don’t make any specific choices about them. These default positions can differ depending on larp group, community or traditions. Being aware of ones own default positions is an important goal of the Mixing Desk framework.

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  1. Я бы хотела еще раз всем сказать спасибо: участникам, лекторам и организаторам. Я очень надеюсь на скорую встречу с вами. И не только с вами, но и с теми, кому это будет интересно. ))))


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