17 июня 2012 г.

Playing the learning game

By Martin Eckhoff Andresen
Welcome to a new world of learning! This book is a practical introduction to the use of roleplaying games in education. Roleplaying games are a great tool for provoking reflection, learning and critical thinking. Within this book, you’ll find all you need to get started using this method. Included are four ready-to-play larps, several short articles highlighting different uses of roleplaying games in educational spheres and a multitude of methods and exercises to improve your games. If you are a teacher, activist in an NGO or a larper interested in using roleplaying games for education and reflection, this is the book for you. Let’s play the learning game!

Заказать книгу можно здесь:http://www.lulu.com/shop/martin-eckhoff-andresen/playing-the-learning-game/paperback/product-20063701.html

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