18 марта 2013 г.

Welcome to Knutepunkt 2013

Сегодня на www.belaruslarpwriter.org хотела бы Вам представить официальный сайт Knutepunkt 2013 в Осло, Норвегии. 

Вы сможете найти всю обновляющуюся информацию о ежегодном конвенте в Скандинавии!

The 2013 organizing team is happy to welcome you to this year's Knutepunkt in Norway.
Knutepunkt is an annual international larp and roleplaying conference. This year's event will be the seventeenth Knutepunkt, and the fifth one in Norway.
The event will take place from Thursday April 18th to Sunday April 21st, at the same place as Knutepunkt in 2009: Haraldvangen outside of Oslo.
For those who want to spend a few extra days in Oslo before Knutepunkt, there will be a "Week in Norway" from Monday April 15th until the start of Knutepunkt. 
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