20 февраля 2013 г.

Jeep Truths

Доброе утро! 

Хочу сегодня поделится вот такими правдами для тех, кто пишет игры от Jeep Forum.

Jeep Truths

for Gamewrights and Game Masters

  1. Restrictions foster creativity.
  2. You basically cannot go wrong by letting people succeed (which doesn't necessitate doing so).
  3. You should always have a message or premise. If you ask yourself "What is this game about?" and find yourself answering with long description of how you think it will be played — think again.
  4. Setting does not make up for story. Assume that you are the only one that thinks your setting is cool.
  5. Assume your players can handle difficult form.
  6. Assume your players can understand complex stories.
  7. Assume your players are interested and motivated to do the best possible thing with your game.
  8. A game that stinks should be ended quickly, and then discussed.
  9. A story can often benefit from having less lead characters than actual characters. There is no rule that says everyone should have equal direct impact on the story or equal screen-time.
  10. Shorter games are often better than longer; it is okay to end a game after three hours (or less), even if you've, publicly, estimated the time to six.
  11. Always make sure that the players know what they are playing, and where the story should be going.
  12. A game can be played several times with the same players playing the same characters.
  13. Keeping player number low and keeping players close together, such as in the same room, enables you to do cooler things with the form, helps keeping a unified vision and facilitates telegraphing.
  14. The most important purpose of a story is to facilitate player interaction.
  15. Don't be afraid of patch-work stories.

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