17 апреля 2012 г.

summer larp school - deadline for application is April 24!

(taken from the site http://larpschool.blogspot.com/)

"The Larpwriter summer school is a five-day intensive summer course in larp organizing close to Vilnius, Lithuania in july 2012. The school is open for 15 participants from Belarus and 15 participants from the nordic countries and internationally.

During the week, we will provide a framework and a toolbox for  creating larps. While the goal of the summer school is to encourage pedagogical larps, our understanding of that term is very wide. We believe that the tools that create good larps can be applied broadly, and our toolbox will be useful for the designer of any larp that aims to tell a story.

Through practical exercises, actual larp playing and some lectures, you´ll learn the tools you need to organize roleplaying games, try out different techniques and test ideas. While most conferences on larp have a lot of programme items entered more or less randomly on a mnu for the participants to chose from, the summer school is different, with all our programme items carefully selected with a specific intent. There will still be some room for choosing programme items, but as we try to encourage a more systematic approach to game design, most of the program is common for all participants.

For the participants, we´re not looking for experienced larp organizers. We´re looking for people with some or no larp organizing experience, who wants to learn a more systematical approach on how to make their own larps and to use larps to tell a story. Experience from larping is no prerequisite, and we encourage NGO-activists, teachers and others who are interested in using larps as part of their work to apply, even if you don´t have any previous experience with larping.

The summer school is supposed to be an arena for learning, playing and developing larp, as well as getting to know larpers from different places in the world. Welcome!

sign up and application form you can find here http://larpschool.blogspot.com/p/sign-up.html

For questions from Belarussian particiants or regarding the belarusian side of the project, please contact bel@larpschool.org."

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